Growing with the Summer Solstice and Tarot

Today we celebrate Litha, otherwise known as the summer solstice! This is officially the longest day of the year and is a significant time in many cultures. The sun is worshiped and our dependence on nature is reflected upon. As a time of vitality and indulgence into the beauty of nature at its peak, I saw fit to develop a Tarot spread to help you reflect on your relationship with the natural world.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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Weekly Reading: May 2nd – 8th

It’s hard to believe it’s May. Climate change has me thinking it’s July here in Alberta. And all of the adjusting to a new place and life made me lose track of last week’s reading! But don’t worry, I didn’t forget ya. This week, let’s see where we’re headed…

2016-05-03 08.46.09.jpg

From left to right:

Two of Cups – General Atmosphere of the Week:

What partnerships are you engaging in this week? While commonly regarded as the perfect relationship card, where two parties reach perfect equilibrium and compromise, thisΒ  doesn’t have to pertain strictly to romantic unions. It can be any part of your life – business or family – where you are working together with another person and have clear, mutual understanding of one other. This week is about establishing and nurturing those relationships based on affinity and trust.

King of Swords – Potential Challenges:

The King of Swords is intelligent, witty, cutting, a truthsayer – but can also be the loathsome know-it-all. Knowledge is a powerful tool to be wielded, but as Tarot is always trying to tell us with the balance of the four suits, this archetypal aspect of ourselves can not effectively share knowledge when in excess. Keep the other elements of healthy social interaction in check (like the mutual emotional response of the Two of Cups) when “informing” others.

Seven of Pentacles – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

This card likes to pop up when we have lost some momentum on our journey. We are getting quite close to our accomplishment, but we still have some final hurdles to overcome. This last bit of challenge could make or break us – we are worn out and vulnerable and could give up at this point. Since this week is all about establishing healthy partnerships, this card is confirming that you may have to endure several misunderstandings before you reach a point of synchronicity. You must also accept that there may not be a tangible “payoff” when overcoming relationship struggles.

The Fully Woven Story:

You have a real chance at forming a very effective, productive and respectful relationship with someone. You can accomplish a lot together, but remember that Two of Cups. Cups correspond to water, the element of emotions. And the Two? Well, you have complex feedback networks of emotional responses (i.e. human beings) coming together. It will take a lot more than textbook knowledge and “being right” in order for you to be a team. That’s not to say that you will ever get to a point where you will perfectly understand each other forever and ever – the joining of people together as per the Two of Cups is really about having the compassion to move forward together after the challenges of the Seven of Pentacles. Plain and simple: Don’t be a smart ass this week. You can help and educate people without sounding holier than thou. People respond much more openly when you temper the cold facts with kindness.


Weekly Reading: April 18th – 24th

Your weekly reading: Use it to learn the cards, or sort your mind πŸ™‚

2016-04-19 11.19.47

From left to right:

Six of Rods – General Atmosphere of the Week:

With all Rods and Swords in this reading, which correspond to the Fire and Air elements respectively, this will be an week of action and decision. The first card illustrates someone coming back from a long journey or trial. It may not necessarily be a geographical journey, but one where you were being mentally or emotionally challenged. Have you recently completed an arduous challenge, such as leaving a negative workplace or relationship? You also could have helped a friend on this journey, as the homeward bound warrior depicted in the card is also accompanied by those who helped him along the way.

Queen of Rods (Reversed) – Potential Challenges:

This week may hold little novelty for you. Nothing seems particularly exciting or to drive you. Sometimes when a long battle comes to an end, even if it was secondhand helping someone we love, we have little energy or foresight for our next goals.

Two of Swords – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

The Two of Swords arrives again from last week’s reading. That decision you were mulling over needs to be made.

The Fully Woven Story:

You or someone close to you has finally come to the end of a long road, from a major life event such as a graduation or medical treatment. There is a sense of homecoming and completion, but this could overshadow any excitement or novelty for the future. You need to overcome this lull in order to make that pressing decision you have been postponing.

Weekly Reading: April 11th – 17th

Let’s start off the week right…


From left to right:

9 of Cups – General Atmosphere of the Week:

Here we go again, the card of accomplishment and self-love.We got this card in the “How to Make the Most of Your Time” position last week – which tells me that you were successful in creating some inner strength. You are standing proud and tall, ready to take on the upcoming seven days.

Two of Swords Reversed – Potential Challenges:

Is there a difficult choice that you have been postponing? Upright, this card refers to a true dilemma, where the pros and cons of each route are equal. Reversed implies that you cannot think about this decision clearly at all, or even that your time has passed and the decision will now be made for you. Starting out this week with Cups and moving towards Swords implies that the inwards, reflective period of last week is now being challenged by a call to action. The pressure is on to choose, but you physically may not be able to.

The Hanged Man – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

Your immobility is only confirmed with this card. But where the Two of Swords symbolizes a trial or obstacle in making a decision, The Hanged Man moves towards acceptance that nothing can be done right now. You can either squirm and fight in a cramped space, or pause and take this period of indecision as a learning experience. Either way, the external results will be the same. What you can control is the internal effects and how you grow as a person.

The Fully Woven Story:

Good news! You may have learned a thing or two last week and practiced some self-love. However, that decision you’ve been pushing to the corner has come up with some urgency. You may find that your time to choose has passed already, but you can use this time to practice acceptance of that which is out of your control.