Reading FAQs

What kinds of questions should I ask during a reading?

Before you get a reading, please know that I cannot give you a diagnosis on serious health issues or a judgement on legal affairs, nor am I a substitute for professional mental health services in dire circumstances. Please seek help in these fields if you are in a crisis. I also don’t believe the future is set in stone. I believe that we are constantly engaging and directing the trajectory of our destiny. Sometimes, I get “hits” from Spirit on the future, but generally, I don’t want clients to think they can’t change their life path. A reading is meant to empower you, not scare you half to death! That being said, preparing a very specific question for a reading usually has better results than more general queries. For example, “Should I quit my job? Should I confront my boss?” vs. “What is the best career path for me?”

Is an online reading going to work as well as a face-to-face reading?

This is a very common question! There are pros and cons to both. With a face-to-face reading (or a video chat reading) you can more easily ask follow-up questions within our time together. With an online reading (where I email you a pdf), you can ask a question to clarify the reading for up to a week after you receive the reading. But of course, this doesn’t replace the back and forth of natural dialogue. However, online readings can shut out any biases a reader may have regarding your question or issue. Biases are a part of being human which is why psychic mediums are often criticized for “cold reading” i.e. making judgements based on body language, appearance, etc. Therefore, you may find an online reading is more objective.

How can I arrange a reading?

You can fill in the contact form under “Available Readings” or email me at If you want an in-person or video chat reading, we can arrange a time that works for both of us.

How long does it take to receive my online reading?

Readings that are in a written document or video recording usually take one week, but this could be as short as one day. If there are any delays, I will contact you.

What kind of payment do you accept for your readings?

For all online readings, I currently accept PayPal. You’ll see PayPal buttons underneath each reading. For in-person readings, you can use PayPal, e-Transfer, or cash.

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