Saju Savvy in Seoul: My Reading in Korean Numerology

  When in Korea, do as the Koreans. And for many Koreans, your destiny is in Saju, an ancient Chinese number-based divination system. Before leaving for the Great White North, I go in deep with the Saju columnist for The Korea Times, an intriguing woman who has read for many well-known figures in South Korea. The... Continue Reading →

Tipsy Tarot: A Tarot Bar in Jeju Island, South Korea

Tarot-mania in SK Tarot is big in South Korea - there is really no comparison to the side rooms of metaphysical shops and cozy living rooms of internet Tarot readers. We're talking dedicated Tarot salons, Tarot-themed cafés, and countless booths that line the streets at night such as those found all throughout Seoul and other... Continue Reading →

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