Weekly Reading: April 18th – 24th

Your weekly reading: Use it to learn the cards, or sort your mind 🙂

2016-04-19 11.19.47

From left to right:

Six of Rods – General Atmosphere of the Week:

With all Rods and Swords in this reading, which correspond to the Fire and Air elements respectively, this will be an week of action and decision. The first card illustrates someone coming back from a long journey or trial. It may not necessarily be a geographical journey, but one where you were being mentally or emotionally challenged. Have you recently completed an arduous challenge, such as leaving a negative workplace or relationship? You also could have helped a friend on this journey, as the homeward bound warrior depicted in the card is also accompanied by those who helped him along the way.

Queen of Rods (Reversed) – Potential Challenges:

This week may hold little novelty for you. Nothing seems particularly exciting or to drive you. Sometimes when a long battle comes to an end, even if it was secondhand helping someone we love, we have little energy or foresight for our next goals.

Two of Swords – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

The Two of Swords arrives again from last week’s reading. That decision you were mulling over needs to be made.

The Fully Woven Story:

You or someone close to you has finally come to the end of a long road, from a major life event such as a graduation or medical treatment. There is a sense of homecoming and completion, but this could overshadow any excitement or novelty for the future. You need to overcome this lull in order to make that pressing decision you have been postponing.


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