Weekly Reading: April 4th – April 10th, 2016.

I'm keeping true to my promise of weekly readings! From left to right: Five of Pentacles Reversed – General Atmosphere of the Week: You may be feeling socially excluded this week. Think of what could be the root of this lack of connection to others. Are your struggles or triumphs causing this separation? Do you... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading: March 28th -April 3rd

It's been a crazy month for me, with travel and some stressful family matters. Hopefully now I can get into a new groove of blogging and doing weekly readings. Use this reading to keep you focused and productive this week. From left to right: King of Rods - General Atmosphere of the Week: This is... Continue Reading →

The Life Year Card Spread

As a popular New Year reading, I suppose this comes a little late in January. But here in Korea, the lunar New Year (Seollal 설날), is just around the corner. So many people here are getting Saju 사주 readings (Korean numerology), in the same fashion we would make New Year's resolutions. Why not incorporate a little... Continue Reading →

The Birth Year Card

If you were a Tarot card, what would you be? Learn how to calculate your Birth Year card adding a little numerology to the mix. What is the Birth Year Card? This card corresponds to one of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards. It is supposed to guide you on your life purpose and the themes... Continue Reading →

Tarot Art: A Union of Opposites

Do you ever wonder if there are two kinds of people in the world? Those who carry forth with raw emotion and pure intuition, creating art for the sake of it, and those who observe, measure, and intellectualize art into an academic study? I wonder if this same dynamic is happening with Tarot. There are... Continue Reading →

The Classic Tarot Journal

Learn the basics of Tarot through recording your readings in a journal. Although a much written about topic, I will summarize some of the main techniques here. One to three card daily readings One of the most common ways to learn Tarot is to draw one card a day (advancing to three-card spreads), see how... Continue Reading →

How to Learn Tarot through Visual Art

Spice up your journal with some illustrations. You might surprise yourself. Illustrate Your Journal Draw before or after writing in a regular Tarot journal. Keep a regular journal, but after you write, illustrate your interpretation of the card / cards you drew that day. Start with doodles. No one has to see! Keep a sketchbook and challenge... Continue Reading →

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