Weekly Reading: April 11th – 17th

Let’s start off the week right…


From left to right:

9 of Cups – General Atmosphere of the Week:

Here we go again, the card of accomplishment and self-love.We got this card in the “How to Make the Most of Your Time” position last week – which tells me that you were successful in creating some inner strength. You are standing proud and tall, ready to take on the upcoming seven days.

Two of Swords Reversed – Potential Challenges:

Is there a difficult choice that you have been postponing? Upright, this card refers to a true dilemma, where the pros and cons of each route are equal. Reversed implies that you cannot think about this decision clearly at all, or even that your time has passed and the decision will now be made for you. Starting out this week with Cups and moving towards Swords implies that the inwards, reflective period of last week is now being challenged by a call to action. The pressure is on to choose, but you physically may not be able to.

The Hanged Man – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

Your immobility is only confirmed with this card. But where the Two of Swords symbolizes a trial or obstacle in making a decision, The Hanged Man moves towards acceptance that nothing can be done right now. You can either squirm and fight in a cramped space, or pause and take this period of indecision as a learning experience. Either way, the external results will be the same. What you can control is the internal effects and how you grow as a person.

The Fully Woven Story:

Good news! You may have learned a thing or two last week and practiced some self-love. However, that decision you’ve been pushing to the corner has come up with some urgency. You may find that your time to choose has passed already, but you can use this time to practice acceptance of that which is out of your control.


Weekly Reading: April 4th – April 10th, 2016.

I’m keeping true to my promise of weekly readings!


From left to right:

Five of Pentacles Reversed – General Atmosphere of the Week:

You may be feeling socially excluded this week. Think of what could be the root of this lack of connection to others. Are your struggles or triumphs causing this separation? Do you have the support you need, in either overcoming pain or celebrating your joy?

The Sun – Potential Challenges:

Optimism could be hard to come by. While the Sun is the quintessential puppies and rainbow card, it can also warn of unreasonable expectations and naivety. How can you work on having a healthy outlook  in the upcoming week, without completely faking it? You don’t have to be covered in glitter and stars, but you don’t have to be huddle in a dark pit of anxiety either. Think of Nihilist Memes – pain and desperation can be a chuckle if you let it. As my grandmother says, if life gives you lemons  – piss on it 🙂

Nine of Cups – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

This card is one of self-satisfaction, and even of smugness. In this spread however, it is one of self-love and empowerment. You may be going through something, however big or small, that divides you from other people. But if you dig down into that inner reservoir you may find that your personal strengths and power can give you the energy to move forward despite any social isolation.

The Fully Woven Story:

What can you do to feel more strong and sure of yourself this week? How can you be a friend to yourself? When times get tough, you don’t need to “fake it ’till you make it” when social support is slim for the picking. A better strategy is to make yourself laugh again, accepting the realities of your life, which like it or not, might include some good realities too.

Weekly Reading: March 28th -April 3rd

It’s been a crazy month for me, with travel and some stressful family matters. Hopefully now I can get into a new groove of blogging and doing weekly readings. Use this reading to keep you focused and productive this week.


From left to right:

King of Rods – General Atmosphere of the Week:

This is a week that is going to require to be the Master of Ambition and complete your tasks and goals. With creative projects, you are going to just have to finish it already. In a group setting, you may find that is all up to you to get things done and take on a leadership role.

Five of Cups – Potential Challenges:

And here is the key to feeling that ambition you need this week. You could be holding on too much to what has gone wrong in your life – either with relationships and bumpy starts on work projects. The spilled cups the figure is crying over are only distracting from the full cups in the background. What is lost is taking away from the good you still have in life and what you should be proud of. You need this positive reinforcement in order to feel driven forward.

Three of Swords – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

Again, there is an emphasis this week on relationships lost and painful experiences. Try to dedicate a little time each day to sort out your hurt feelings. Do something you enjoy to help you clear your mind. You need to acknowledge these feelings before you can even begin to feel productive.

The Fully Woven Story:

A calm and focused mind will get the job done this week. What can you do to let go of past pain? Who can you talk to?

Tipsy Tarot: A Tarot Bar in Jeju Island, South Korea

Tarot-mania in SK

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The Life Year Card Spread

As a popular New Year reading, I suppose this comes a little late in January. But here in Korea, the lunar New Year (Seollal 설날), is just around the corner. So many people here are getting Saju 사주 readings (Korean numerology), in the same fashion we would make New Year’s resolutions. Why not incorporate a little numerology and Tarot to make a fun and easy spread to reflect on the last few years?

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Tarot Art: A Union of Opposites

Do you ever wonder if there are two kinds of people in the world? Those who carry forth with raw emotion and pure intuition, creating art for the sake of it, and those who observe, measure, and intellectualize art into an academic study?

I wonder if this same dynamic is happening with Tarot. There are those who understand the deep esoteric symbolism, history and parallels to modern psychology and psychoanalysis, and those who seek Tarot out of pure curiosity into the magic and mystery of the cards in themselves.

While Tarot has only entered my life within the last 5 years or so, I came to the strange conclusion that I had always known the book of Tarot. I have done visual art since as long as I can remember. But when I came to embrace Tarot, I eventually learned it was always within me and my art.  Continue reading