Weekly Reading: April 4th – April 10th, 2016.

I’m keeping true to my promise of weekly readings!


From left to right:

Five of Pentacles Reversed – General Atmosphere of the Week:

You may be feeling socially excluded this week. Think of what could be the root of this lack of connection to others. Are your struggles or triumphs causing this separation? Do you have the support you need, in either overcoming pain or celebrating your joy?

The Sun – Potential Challenges:

Optimism could be hard to come by. While the Sun is the quintessential puppies and rainbow card, it can also warn of unreasonable expectations and naivety. How can you work on having a healthy outlook  in the upcoming week, without completely faking it? You don’t have to be covered in glitter and stars, but you don’t have to be huddle in a dark pit of anxiety either. Think of Nihilist Memes – pain and desperation can be a chuckle if you let it. As my grandmother says, if life gives you lemons  – piss on it 🙂

Nine of Cups – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

This card is one of self-satisfaction, and even of smugness. In this spread however, it is one of self-love and empowerment. You may be going through something, however big or small, that divides you from other people. But if you dig down into that inner reservoir you may find that your personal strengths and power can give you the energy to move forward despite any social isolation.

The Fully Woven Story:

What can you do to feel more strong and sure of yourself this week? How can you be a friend to yourself? When times get tough, you don’t need to “fake it ’till you make it” when social support is slim for the picking. A better strategy is to make yourself laugh again, accepting the realities of your life, which like it or not, might include some good realities too.


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