Weekly Reading: March 28th -April 3rd

It’s been a crazy month for me, with travel and some stressful family matters. Hopefully now I can get into a new groove of blogging and doing weekly readings. Use this reading to keep you focused and productive this week.


From left to right:

King of Rods – General Atmosphere of the Week:

This is a week that is going to require to be the Master of Ambition and complete your tasks and goals. With creative projects, you are going to just have to finish it already. In a group setting, you may find that is all up to you to get things done and take on a leadership role.

Five of Cups – Potential Challenges:

And here is the key to feeling that ambition you need this week. You could be holding on too much to what has gone wrong in your life – either with relationships and bumpy starts on work projects. The spilled cups the figure is crying over are only distracting from the full cups in the background. What is lost is taking away from the good you still have in life and what you should be proud of. You need this positive reinforcement in order to feel driven forward.

Three of Swords – How to Make the Most of Your Time:

Again, there is an emphasis this week on relationships lost and painful experiences. Try to dedicate a little time each day to sort out your hurt feelings. Do something you enjoy to help you clear your mind. You need to acknowledge these feelings before you can even begin to feel productive.

The Fully Woven Story:

A calm and focused mind will get the job done this week. What can you do to let go of past pain? Who can you talk to?


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