The Birth Year Card

If you were a Tarot card, what would you be? Learn how to calculate your Birth Year card adding a little numerology to the mix.

What is the Birth Year Card?

This card corresponds to one of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards. It is supposed to guide you on your life purpose and the themes you will encounter in your lifetime. Sounds good, right?  If only it were that easy to find your entire life purpose in a Tarot card! But like most things in Tarot, sometimes having that spark of an idea with lots of room to interpret is helpful in confusing times. Ok, to the math.

For your birth card, all you have to do is add the year, month and day you were born. The aim is to get a number between 1-22, the 1 being the Fool:

(YYYY + MM + DD = _______.)

Let’s try my birthday, January 14th, 1988 as an example:

(1988 + 01 + 14 = 2003)

Then reduce until you get a number between 1 – 22, the 1 beginning with the Fool.  (I just want to add one little discrepancyLet’s say that your Birth Card adds up to more than 22, to say, 28. Then you would reduce again (2+8=10). So the corresponding Major Arcana card in this case would be the Wheel of Fortune.)

(2 +3 = 5)

My birth card… Leader to the ignorant masses, muhahaha!

So I got number 5, the Hierophant!  Here I have an archetype with plenty of room for interpretation. I can personalize this card to fit my own needs and life experiences. For me, the Hierophant is about mastering the status quo, so much so that you are able to see above and beyond the crowd. You’ve come to a deep understanding of the human psyche and our tendency towards belief and established traditions. In this way, I like to think I am able to suspend my beliefs and see from many different perspectives (at least, I am always working towards this ideal).

The Hierophant also transmits complex ideas in simplified terms to the general public, associating him with the teacher archetype. Think Carl Sagan, compacting complicated scientific ideas for the average Joe to understand. Knock on wood, I have been a teacher most of my adult career!

If you want to learn more, Little Red Tarot has a great blog post on this subject and elaborates more on the uses of the birth card and what the meanings of the Major Arcana cards could mean for your life purpose. Check it out!

What is your birth card? Post below and share! Do you think it speaks to your life up to this point?




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