The Lovers

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  1. Relating with one another, schism, negotiation, decision. The Fool no longer only thinks of himself – now he encounters the priorities of others, and has to learn how to negotiate his own needs and desires. How we relate to another is a constant process of weighing pros and cons, of establishing and releasing boundaries, and of deciding whether freedom is gained through independence or shared cooperation. This card is often associated with making a big decision for this reason – the qualities required in our relationships with others are demanded in the decision-making process.

    **The painting, as in the traditional Rider-Waite deck, depicts the masculine and female aspects of the human psyche which may seem separate but live in a kind of symbiosis. The sun and moon reinforce this idea. The red being can refer to the feeling of alienation we often experience after negotiating one’s own autonomy with the needs of others. However, there is also the chance for the transformed human who emerges anew.


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