Come with me on my never-ending love affair with learning Tarot. A Tarotist evokes questions from every moment, learns lessons from every hardship, and most importantly, never admits to having finished the journey.

As a life-long visual artist who chose to study philosophy and religious studies in school, it is not surprising that I adore the living system of Tarot. Finally a way to combine all of my interests in one! My experience as a teacher these last few years has only helped me build the mentoring skills of clarity and patience required as a reader.

I am here to offer clarification on knowing yourself a bit better and advice on reading the Tarot for yourself. I will also update progress on creating my own Tarot deck and will hopefully aid in your own artistic ventures. A lot of the information I have gained through hours of scouring books and the internet, as well as personal trial and error – I want to save you some time by amalgamating all the wonderful resources I have encountered!

Most importantly, I hope to add to the movement of Tarot enthusiasts looking to break taboos and stereotypes about the tradition, pushing towards an art of self-reflection that is free and accessible to everyone.


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