4 – The Emperor

The Fool learns about limits and discipline …

At this point in his journey, the Fool encounters a stern ruler sitting on a throne. The Emperor’s throne has straight lines and pillars, representing order, reason, and discipline. This contrasts with the natural scenery of the Empress that denotes abundance, beauty, and sensitivity. The Emperor is the Father, whose love may be cool and disciplinary, but with intentions towards the betterment of his children.

For the first time, the Fool encounters the structure of society— the rule of the masses by government and culture. The Emperor is the masculine principle, a more forceful influence than the Empress’s kind, caring nature. The Father archetype is about constraint rather than the birth and creative force of the Mother. The Emperor is productive and active, while the Empress is passive and receptive. We need order and organization to bring raw creativity to a practical manifestation.

The Emperor indicates a strong figure or force in your life with masculine qualities. Paternal figures play an important role in your life at this time. You may need to exhibit these qualities in yourself. Is there an imbalance between your feminine and masculine traits? Structures of government, organizations, and bureaucracy are also important aspects of your situation. They may even be of help.

Our understanding of masculinity is going through a massive overhaul in modern-day society. Yet, these structures and qualities are not always a bad thing. They restore balance to our relationships and contribute to a harmonious society. A little discipline could go a long way to your overall success and wellbeing.

The Emperor’s Advice for a Reading:

How can order and discipline help you? Do you need more structure in your life? How can you use it to your advantage?

Keywords and Phrases:

Father, order, structure, reasoning, society, organization, discipline, masculinity, logic over emotion, government, activity over passivity

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