3 – The Empress

The Fool learns about his caring nature…

The Fool sees a beautiful woman sitting on a throne amidst a crop of wheat. She gazes at the crop with loving attention— she is proud of what she has grown over time. The sign of Venus is on her throne, indicating femininity, love, beauty, and creativity. Surrounded by her bounty and offspring, the Empress embodies the divine feminine in us all. This feminine principle does not necessarily refer to socially constructed gender or biological sex, but to our soft side which seeks to nurture and comfort. As the Divine Mother, the Empress not only “raises” children, plants, and animals, but also skills and talents.

The Empress teaches the Fool to be passive and receptive to the needs of others. With the High Priestess, he learned about his intuition and inner knowing. This intuition gives him the sensitivity he needs to respond to the feelings of others. He also learns to respond to his own needs and parent his inner child. He learns to access the divine feminine and nurture all aspects of his life.

The Empress may come at a time when you long for a maternal figure. Our parents often do not outlive us, requiring us to soothe ourselves during the difficult trials of life. Many of us need to heal our inner child from past traumas. The Empress urges you to be patient and kind to yourself. As the divine feminine is a guiding principle of the natural world, you may find healing in a renewed connection with nature. You may also feel the urge to extend this compassion to others and become a maternal figure to children or people in need of care.

Creativity is also an important aspect of the divine feminine. In many Tarot decks, the Empress is pregnant, symbolizing a burst of creativity she must release. If the Empress appears in a reading, your sensitive, receptive side may need a creative outlet. Like most people, you may need a little push to become more creative in your daily life and form it as a habit.
The Empress teaches us how to encourage and love ourselves, using soft power to accomplish our goals instead of aggression or intimidation. Like the crops of the Empress, we can grow and develop our goals, caring for them as seedlings until they fully mature.

The Empress’s Advice for a Reading:

The divine feminine has entered your life. Family and taking care of others may be especially fulfilling right now. Creative endeavours could be very fruitful for you as well— undertake anything that satiates your creative urge. It may also be a good time to heal past trauma with self-soothing and spending time in nature. Be compassionate and gentle.

Keywords and Phrases:

Mother, possible pregnancy, new creative projects, taking care of others, connection to the natural world, femininity, womanhood, self-care for the inner child, being your own parent

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