1 – The Magician

The Fool learns the process of creation …

The Fool comes to a robed man with an infinity symbol above his head. The four suits of the Minor Arcana surround him, revealing the Magician’s ability to use all the resources at his disposal. One of his hands points a wand to the sky while the other points to the ground, indicating the Hermetic principle, “As above, so below.” The Magician teaches the Fool to craft his ideas from the heavens into their physical form. Instead of soaking in information like a small child, the Fool realizes he can control and manipulate his surroundings.

The suits of the Minor Arcana laid before the Magician represent the creative potential of each aspect of human existence. With the Pentacles, we gain mastery over our physical needs. We can provide for our families, whether through harnessing nature or working within the modern economic structure of currency and work. With Cups, we create relationships, loving bonds, and artistic works. Intellectual pursuits, such as research and writing, are creations of the Swords. Lastly, the Wands encompass the raw drive of humans to take risks and change the world through business, activism, or politics.

The Magician teaches us to be the master of our reality. He embodies the accomplishment human beings feel from the act of creation. The Magician knows the translation of his ideas will change and evolve in the physical realm. But because he knows and accepts the process of creation, he is a master. Think of a business idea you’ve had or an idea for a work of art. It never comes out as you imagined. But to bring your ideas to fruition, you accept this and do not let it deter you. This is the mindset of successful, creative people. They create for creation’s sake despite how frustrating the process can be.

The Magician’s Advice for a Reading:

Explore the different areas of your life where you can be a creator and master a new skill. Don’t box yourself in about creativity— house renovations and cooking are as creative as art and music. If you have a problem you need to solve, what resources do you have at your disposal to remedy the issue?

Keywords and Phrases:

Mastery, getting your ideas into physical form, changing your reality, using resources wisely, attaining a flow state with skills and projects

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