One thought on “The Moon

  1. Illusion, dreamscape, murky origins. The Fool enters into the shadowy world of his dreams where he is unable to make out the clear definitions of the things around him, his thoughts or ideas. The light of the moon casts vague impressions of the real thing, much like the human subconscious, where the line between reality and imagination is difficult to define. Just as the moon casts no light of its own, but reflects it from the sun, the subconscious reflects and manifests our everyday experiences in insidious ways that are untraceable.

    **The figure is a throwback to the 5 of Cups, a card in the Minor Arcana where the man is unable to face what he has lost. Here too, the figure is unable to face the dark depths of his own mind, where all his experiences have been stowed away and skewed.


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